Kinesio or Rock Tape? Does it work?

Kinesio Tape or Rock Tape? What does it do?

We use Rock tape in clinic to help assist during the recovery process. When we put the tape on we put 25-50% tension on the tape and then lay it down over the injured area. The tension on the tape helps lift the skin away from the muscle, which helps reduce swelling and make the injured area feel more supported. It is always great to put on the back to improve posture by making the body more aware to sit up straight!

Kinesio or Rock Tape can be used on many injuries:

-Shoulder pain or tendonitis

-Runners or Jumper’s Knee

-Muscle strains

-Ankle sprains

-IT band syndrome

-Plantar Fasciitis

-Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow

-Back or Neck pain


These taping methods are only short term solutions and assist in the recovery of an injury. If you are experiencing continued pain, I recommend reaching out to a medical professional to address a more serious issue!



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