Regional Interdependence.. What is it?

I am going to throw a big word at you guys today: Regional Interdependence.

What is it? Lets talk for a minute..

Have you ever hurt somewhere, or injured yourself and wondered why it happened?

The body is very complicated and for a lot of injuries there are usually multiple reasons why you are hurting somewhere. You may be experiencing pain in your forearm, wrist or shoulder and it could be because of your neck. Also if you have hip pain your low back or knee could be contributing. Also, the position of your foot could lead to back pain when running.

We are complex creatures and move in many different directions. Imbalances in muscle strength, flexibility, and prolonged postures can lead to injuries in other areas that may be compensating for these imbalances.

For example, if you have weak hips or inflexible hips when running this can lead to knee problems or back problems. Also, poor back posture can lead to tight calves or foot pain.

If you have questions about something you are experiencing right now, please message me. I would love to chat!



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