Cervical Spine Treatment: Part 3

Part 3 of the Neck or Cervical Spine: Treatment

There are many effective treatments if you have problems with your neck.

-General Exercise

-Improving posture

-Strengthening neck muscles in the front and back of your neck

– Nerve glides (If you have pain in your arm coming from your neck)

-Dry needling or hands on treatment.

In this portion we will go over one of the treatment techniques and how it is effective, and will go over specific exercises in a later post. For treating neck pain and headaches dry needling can be used. When you stick a needle into tissue it triggers the brain to say there is something wrong so the body works to send healing properties to that area. These properties being increased blood flow, blocking the pain signals that go the brain, and reducing inflammation. Here is an example of dry needling looks like for neck pain and headaches.



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