The Neck: Part 2

The Neck: Part 2

The neck is made up of 7 spine or vertebrae and each of these vertebrae have facet joints on the top and bottom of them that connect to one another. When you move your head your facet joints glide and slide back and forth which allows you to look up, down, turn to look in your blind spot, etc.

When the facet joints in your spine are not sliding and gliding like they should they can lead to a few things. Pain in your neck, tightness in your muscles, headaches, or irritation or inflammation of a nerve that can cause numbness, tingling, or other sensations in your arm(s).

If a facet joint is stiff or inflamed it can often keep you from finding a comfortable position at night, headaches that make it difficult to concentrate, inability to turn your head to look in your blind spot, or constant tension and stress in your neck or shoulders.

How does a facet joint become stiff or inflamed?
Previous injury or car accident, age over time, physical inactivity, prolonged forward head posture (see previous post).

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