My Chick-Fila Customer Service

I went to Chickfila in Hamilton Mill recently and I was blown away at their customer service….

When I pulled up in the drive through they had an employee standing in the rain taking orders. She presented the menu to me and answered any questions I had. Then when I pulled around to the side a young lady was standing outside in the rain and cold as well, and she said “Are you Andrew?” and I replied yes, and she confirmed my order once again.

I then pulled up to the pick-up window and was greeted kindly by the lady at the window who asked me how I was doing today, and always addressed me by my name. Before I pulled away she said “Thank you and have a good day” and the famous “It is my pleasure.”

The moral of the story is that they made me feel special, and like I mattered to them. No matter what line of work you are in.. any customers, clients, or patients you have.. Try doing this.. Make that person feel special, valuable and like they matter to you. Even in every day situations. I think the world would be a much better place.


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