Let’s talk posture.. When you read this

Let’s talk posture..

When you read this post you are either reading it through your phone, Ipad, or Laptop. Are you sitting or standing? Notice your posture. Are you slouched over, are your hips tucked underneath you? Are you looking directly down at your phone? Don’t worry, it is completely normal to have bad posture at some point throughout your day. The more slouched you are at your neck, shoulders and low back, the greater the pressure is through your spine. Even if the angle of your slouch position is increased by 30 degrees, this can double the pressure placed through the discs in your spine, leading to greater risk for developing back or neck pain.

Here are some tips:
-A few times per hour adjust your sitting position or get up and walk around for 30 seconds
-Bring your chest up (not out), and pretend someone has a string attached from your head to the ceiling and is pulling you upward.
-Make sure your desk is at the right height and your chair is comfortable (preferably with a back rest)
– If you are on your phone or laptop make sure it is at eye level and not down in your lap http://ow.ly/i/pnJcD


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