The President of the United States is..

It’s that time of year, everyone has casted their last minute votes, they have been tallied and the President of the United States is.. Donald J. Trump.. Just so you guys know, this blog is not going to be about politics. This blog is instead about America, the people.

After scrolling through social media a little today (probably more than I should have) there is one thing I have noticed. People are frustrated, scared, angry, and worried about the results of this election. Several people have even said that this is the worst day of their life, and now no one will no longer accept them or treat them right because of the man in charge of our country.  Think about that for a second…

Because of the recently elected President, who just happens to be one person, the world will no longer accept you? Mr. Trump has said some horrible things about people, but the opinion of one man does not change the power you have as a person to change yourself. We should not let the words of one person affect the way we live our lives. We still live in an amazing country, with amazing opportunity. We the people, have the power to change this world. Instead of the hatred, anger, yelling, fighting, and rioting we need to love each

other. We don’t always agree on the same things.. But it is okay to disagree with someone, and still love that person. We need to be more accepting of other people and their differences. We are all human, we are all created equal. No matter the color of our skin, the political party we support, or our religion we should all love each other just the same.



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