Spread the Love

I was listening to a recent Podcast from a great friend and mentor of mine this past week. He gave some very interesting tips on how to approach life and what our job is as physical therapists. He kept saying “Show them love.”

Let me go into detail what he meant by this. Every day as a physical therapist and healthcare professional, people come to my clinic in pain. They would not be coming to see me unless they were in pain. It is so important to treat these people with love. They are hurting, of course they think their pain is a 10/10! This is uncomfortable for them, they are scared, and helpless. They need our help. A lot of physical therapists, and believe me I used to be one of them would roll their eyes at the situation with a difficult patient. Why? Why would we roll our eyes? They are hurt, this is not all about us, it is about helping them!

To relate this to real life… Whether it is relationships, work, marriage, etc. We must treat everyone with respect and show them love. If we don’t show them love then who will? Say you’ve had a bad day at the office and you come home, and your wife has had a bad day too. Do you take it out on her? No. You show her love, give her a hug, and ask what you can do for them. Your employee is having a bad day at work: Give them a hug, tell them its going to be okay, and ask what you can do. Just by you showing love by a handshake, hug, words of affection or sincere apology you can make a huge impact on that person’s life. Our world is so corrupt nowadays and I think it is important that we all start implementing this. All the negativity with politics, views on this gender, that race. Who cares? Just show everyone love. That is all. You will be better for it. spread-the-love_500x500-px


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