It Is Not About The Money!


If there is one lesson I could give you guys in life is that its not all about money. It is important to lead with passion, love, and care. Take money out of the entire situation in any decision you make, and then make that decision without money in mind.

This really stuck with me the other day as I was listening to a podcast by one of my mentors. If you treat people with kindness, love, respect, and out of the goodness of your heart, then good things will come your way. This is so true in so many aspect of life. I got into the profession of physical therapy because it did pay a little better than being a personal trainer or athletic trainer, but the most biggest reason I chose physical therapy is to change lives, and help others get better.

I may be a little different than most, but I don’t think to myself “Oh how much money can I get out of this person” instead its all about helping them, regardless of money.

Relationships are not about money, or how fancy a ring is, or how nice the wedding was. That is not how relationships grow. Relationships work when they are designed on love, care, respect and passion. Same thing goes with business. I had a friend message me the other day who I played high school football with. He was telling me something was going on with his shoulder, but he lives over an hour away. How could I help him?I could ask him to drive up to see me 2x/week. Well that would just be really inconvenient for him and selfish of me. Instead I told the guy, listen I will do a video chat with you, see whats going on with your shoulder. You can come up once and I can take a better look and we will do it all for free.

Everything happens in life for a reason. God, karma, whatever you want to call it. You do good things, then good things will happen to you.


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