Consistency is Key Consistency is key.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key. Whether it is related to your job, your relationship, faith, weight loss, you name it. Consistency is key. Think about all of these certain aspects of life. When it comes to your job, if you are not consistently on time, consistently meeting your deadlines and your goals then you will eventually be fired. When it comes to your relationship, if you are not constantly communicating, going on dates, showing affection, expressing how you feel about the other person then your relationship will not last.

Faith: When you are not consistent with prayer, confession, going to church, reading the bible, and living a life through Jesus Christ then people will begin to question your faith, and you will question your own.

Weight loss: When you begin a workout regime you have to be consistent with your workouts and your eating, as well as sleep. If one week you decide to eat pizza, wings, go out with friends for some drinks, this is fine. If you do this every other week, and multiple days per week then you will never achieve your goals. It is better to be consistent with your eating and workouts, not to starve yourself and develop attainable goals in order for you to be successful.

It is better to be consistent and achieve these goals in a longer amount of time than to be sporadic with your decision making, because in the long term consistency is where the magic happens.


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