It is important to have a mentor in your

It is important to have a mentor in your life. A mentor is someone who is in your field of work or someone who shares the same life interests and goals with you. A mentor is someone who will push you, motivate, and inspire you. They will push you to go out of your comfort zone, and do things you are terrified of doing.

You may feel like you are completely lost in life or in your line of work. If you find a mentor and work with them, they can relate to you because they have been through the same things you have. They were once in your shoes, and just as lost. When you have a mentor they will challenge you to be better everyday, and look at life with a new found meaning.

Recently, I became connected with a Physical Therapist through Facebook who hails from Tampa, FL (In the picture). I followed him, watched his every move. His energy and passion to better this profession eye opening and he had me hooked. I knew I wanted to be a part of what he was doing to change our profession. I took a leap of faith and joined his Smart Success Academy, which is basically a course to help physical therapist better themselves.

A month into his course I have found a professional and personal mentor who has become a good friend and someone who I can trust. Finding a mentor has made a huge difference in the way I lead each day. I wake up with more energy and passion, and a drive to make a difference in this world. Find someone who is in your line of work who has the same interests as you, someone who has more experience than you. Follow, learn from them, and talk to them about mentoring. It will change your life.


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